Your dream freelancer is just around the corner.

Here in local corner we only work with talented, cool, nice, open minded, smart and well educated people. 

Our quality standards, work ethics, discipline and meritocracy based principles set us apart from the competition. 

We believe in transparency and honesty and can't wait to serve you. 

All of our team members had lived in an English speaking country for more than one year and had been educated in institutions where the language of instruction was English. 

We provide value; lower your localisation costs while achieving highest quality possible with well delivered projects.  


If you need a high quality localisation services for your games, company websites, brochures, transcription and translations of TV shows and series, contact us!

Contact us today to get a quote for your localization and translation needs.

What We Do


Over 2 years of experience in translating novels, articles, product information and company profiles  


With years of experience working on English and Turkish interviews, famous Turkish, American and English TV series


We add value to your marketing materials with relevant, true to the original translations

Let NOTHING get lost in translation 


We are picky...

Let us scrutinize your translated content 





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